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Lake Erie Foundation

The Lake Erie Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2016 to sustain and protect the waters of Lake Erie. The Lake Erie Foundation is the result of the combining of two organizations, the Lake Erie Waterkeeper and Lake Erie Improvement Association, that advocated for Lake Erie protection and improvements for many years. Leaders of these pioneering organizations recognized that a combined long-term sustainable effort would be more effective in protecting the entire lake. Our mission is to “create and maintain a healthy Lake Erie now and forever as defined by drinkable water, recreational contact, and edible fish.” 

Len Partin, Broker for Jack Bradley Realty in Port Clinton is a member of the Lake Erie Foundation Board.  They are looking for additional members who believe that sustaining and maintaining the beauty of Lake Erie is important.  For more information on joining this important group, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to contact Jeanette Polacholski, Membership Director.

2018 Committee Sign Up





Dear REALTOR® and Affiliate Members,

Want to sign up for a specific committee? Signing up to help is a great way to be involved and meet new people! The following is a list of Committees that are in need of helpful volunteers; please enter your choices below, numbering them one through five, one being your first and most important choice.  If you are willing to serve as Chairperson, please denote that selection with an asterisk (*).     If you are currently serving on a committee and wish to remain on that committee for 2018, please include this in your selections. 2018 President Steve Mack and Vice-President Scott Myers will do their best to honor your requests.

On the other side you will find a description of each committee.

_____  Affiliate Committee (Affiliates Only)

_____  Commercial & Industrial

_____  Community Service

_____  Continuing Education

_____  Equal Opportunity in Housing

_____  Finance

_____  Forms

_____  Golf Outing   

_____  Grievance Committee – Realtors Only (Requires mandatory training)

_____  Legislative & Political ____________________(For which County, City)

_____  Member Services & Awards                  

_____ MLS Advisory            

_____  MLS Broker (Must be FAOR & MLS Broker Member)

_____  Professional Standards – Realtors Only (Requires mandatory training)

_____  RPAC Fundraising

_____  Scholarship                                                       

Name _____________________________________Office_______________________________________

Phone # _____________________________ E-mail_____________________________________________

 Please Fax to 419-625-3442, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop off at the office.



September 2017 CEO Report


DavidFreitagThe past month was busy with events and meetings that I will try to summarize in this report. On August 23rd, we held our 2017 RPAC Cruise and Legislative Reception. We had our best attendance and I glad to report we have collected over $15,000 from this year’s cruise. This year we increased our number of major donors by 2 and we have 8 NAR Major donors! We had 2 of our area State Senators, 3 State Representatives, and United States Congressman Jim Renacci in attendance. This year we also increased the number of attendees from other Boards. This event has gained a reputation as first class and we continue to get positive feedback.

 On September 6th, we held our 3rd General Membership meeting of the year, and we had Peg Ritenour, OAR Vice Legal Services as our speaker. She went over several important issues that are happening in our Industry at this time. She talked about the coming soon issues and that many of the surrounding MLS’s have formulated policy and rules to deal with is new marketing method. We also had our Director candidate Frank Corder speak to the members who were present. The floor was opened for nominations for the upcoming election and there were none.

The MLS committee held a meeting on the 13th of September to discuss the coming soon issue. MLS Director Connie Knerr presented the documents that had been compiled using information gathered from surrounding MLS’s. These had been reviewed by our Board Attorney. After a lengthy discussion, the committee voted to pass this on to the Directors for a vote. We have scheduled a video conference with Rapatonni during our September directors meeting to answer any questions on this new input field.

The Board held a Safety class at REALTOR hall on September 14, to help educate members. Administrative Assistant Leslie Bixby, worked with Perkins Police Chief Rob Parthemore and Sandusky Police Sargent Ron Snyder to develop this program. The class included video and lecture segments along with questions and comments from the attendees. The class was well received and there was a discussion on holding a class on self-defense in the future.

The Ohio/Kentucky REALTORS joint convention is being held in Cincinnati September 23/27. Our Board has a large contingent of members who have signed up and we will have great representation at the event.

I will be discussing with the Directors the bids I have received for landscaping and cosmetic repairs to our parking lot to remove the cement barriers.

We will be working on our Awards Banquet to be held October 10th at Schedel Gardens in Elmore.                              

Respectfully submitted,

David W Freitag RCE, CEO


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