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Potential $25 OAR Dues Increase for 2017

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WHY?  to ensure that OAR is sufficiently armed with enough funds to fight for your industry rights?

NAR REQUIRES MORE "skin in the game"

NAR recently reviewed OAR's finances and discovered that we are on the low side of funds held for issue campaigns.

We also discovered that coalition partner contributions do not count toward the required minimum contribution towards an issue campaign.

NAR requires that State and Local Associations contribute 10%-50% of total funds needed towards mobilizing an issue.  For requests over $1 million, a minimum of 50% is required as an association contribution.  Guess how much the average cost to put an issue on a state ballot for general vote?  Yup, approximately $1 million.  For requests over $1 million, a minimum 50% contribution is required for an NAR Issues Mon Grant.  That's $500K from the State or Local Association.  OUCH!

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FletcherI realize that it's a busy time of the year, but wanted to take a quick moment to let you know that our Board of Directors will be considering a motion that will have an impact on 2017 dues. The Board of Directors will meet at our State convention on Wednesday, September 21. 
Specifically, the Executive Committee will be bringing forth a motion that will establish a $25 per member dues assessment to be allocated to the establishment of a Political Action Fund in Ohio. If approved, this assessment will be levied for a five-year period. Click HERE for a document which sets forth the advocacy initiatives to which the funds will be directed. 
As your OAR Leadership Team has explained in our various In-District meetings that we've held throughout the state, the Political Action Fund will be an important tool for the REALTOR organization in providing support to campaigns and issues of concern to private property rights at the state and local level. 
I know many of you start budgeting for the new year in late summer and I felt it important to let you know now. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Robert E. Fletcher, CEO
Ohio Association of REALTORS

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MAY 2016 CEO Report

DavidFreitagThe last month has a busy time at the Association with events, committee meetings and travel to both OAR, and NAR meetings.

On April the 26th MLS chair Scott Myers, Connie and I meet with representatives from Zillow to bring us up-to-date on RETSLY which is in essence their version of ListHub. They are trying to get MLS’s to allow them a feed to establish their product. UPSTREEM, AMP, RETSLY, and TRESTLE are all topics that we will need to become more educated on in the next few months.

The Charitable Foundation held its first fundraising event on April 27 and they were able to collect over $6000 in donations. The entire event was a success with a larger than expected attendance. The inclusion of local chef’s to be the judges was well received. The foundation is on its way to making money for their endeavors.  

On May 3rd thru 5th I attended OAR’s Mediation Training Seminar along with Tammy Steinle held in Columbus. The instructor for this class was Bruce Aydt, who helped establish NAR’s program. This class fulfills NAR’s requirement to be able for local Boards to offer Mediation to its members.

From May 9th thru the 13th I attended NAR’s Mid-Year and Legislative meetings in Washington, D.C. The week was filled with meetings, hill visits, and roundtable discussion groups. The meetings that I attended are as follows;

  •      Congressional Impact and the 2016 Elections and Political forum
  •      CMLS Brings it to the Table
  •      Federal Priority Issues Briefing
  •      The Race for the White House
  •      Hill Visits with Bob Gibbs, Bob Latta, Jim Jordan
  •      State of Ohio meeting with Senators Brown and Portman
  •      MLS Policy & Listing Issues
  •      FAOR meeting with Rapattoni
  •      Supra Information meeting
  •      Association Management Roundtable
  •      Met with RPR to discuss data issues
  •      The board kept NAR dues at $120 for 2017, and approved a three-year extension of the $35 special assessment that funds the consumer advertising campaign, and approved creation of a uniform communications platform for NAR's committees, advisory boards, and forums.
  •      Engage in at least two activities per year that demonstrate how the association is the “Voice for Real Estate" in its market, and at
  • least two activities demonstrating the association’s investment in the community.
  •      Require six hours of professional development for volunteers who carry out responsibilities that would otherwise be handled by paid staff.
  •      Offer, promote, or provide at least one professional development opportunity for members every year.
  •      Annually certify that they have conducted an activity promoting REALTOR® safety.
  •      Provide resources for or access to leadership development education or training for their elected REALTOR® leaders, and document those resources.
  •      Include a voluntary political action committee or political advocacy fund contribution on their dues statements, unless prohibited by law.
  •      The board decided to transition to a calendar-year compliance cycle for the standards. As a result, the next compliance cycle will last 18 months, from July 1, 2016, through Dec. 31, 2017. Watch for a complete list of updates at’s Core Standards page.

The NAR policy changes that were passed are as follows;

Core Standards, among other changes, for the compliance cycle starting July 1, 2016, associations must do the following:

MLS policy

With concerns growing over copyright infringement, the board approved changes to the Handbook on Multiple Listing Policy to reflect the importance of MLS users granting the MLS the licenses necessary to store, reproduce, compile and distribute listing information. In addition, the board is taking steps to increase cooperation and information sharing between NAR and the Council of Multiple Listing Services, a professional trade organization for multiple listing services.

 Once again our leadership team did a great job of delivering our legislative concerns with our Federal Officials. We have many challenges ahead as the MLS data wars continue. I will continue to research and use our membership in CMLS to keep the Directors informed of the changes we will face for our MLS. 

Respectfully submitted,

David W Freitag RCE, CEO


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