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Status Definitions

Active - Active is an on-market status and is used when a valid listing agreement exists and no offers have been accepted.

Canceled - Cancelled is an off-market status to be used when the listing agreement has been canceled.  This status does not expire out.

Contingent - This means that an offer has been accepted on the property but the sale depends on home inspection, financing, etc..  It may still be possible to tour the property and/or submit an offer in case the current one falls through.

Held - Held is an off-market status when a listing agreement is in place but for various reasons such as repairs, illness, etc...the seller has requested that there be no showings on the property for a limited time not to exceed thirty (30) days.

Pending - The sale of the home is pending closing.

Sold - The house or property has sold.

Withdrawn - This means that the listing has been taken off the market but may be available again. The seller still has a listing contract with his/her broker but is not actively showing the home.  This status will change to expired on the date entered.

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