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Urgent Call To Action

The Ohio Senate needs to hear from Ohio’s REALTORS that Gov. John Kasich’s plan to use the Ohio Business Gateway as a centralized collection entity is a smart approach to creating a tax payer-friendly environment. Senators are considering a plan that gives small business owners – the opportunity to meet our tax obligations in a simple, streamlined manner.

This proposal is facing strong opposition from cities all across Ohio and our legislators need to hear from the membership that this change is important and worth the fight. Your Association has been actively lobbying this issue and are being told the same thing in every meeting — legislators need to hear from their constituents that this is important to them.

We are counting on you to encourage your members to respond to this CFA.

If a member tells you they didn’t receive the CFA, here is the direct link: YOUR EMAIL NOW

Thanks for your help on this important issue. 

You are here: Home | All News | Urgent Call To Action