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Updated Firelands MLS Rules & Regulations

Updated MLS Rules and Regulations have been uploaded to The update includes NAR Mandatory Changes and a change to our Coming Soon Rules. The Coming Soon Rules and Coming Soon Authorization Form have been updated to reflect the rules change.

The following changes were made to the Firelands MLS Rules & Regulations.

NAR Mandatory Changes:

Section 1.2.0 Accuracy of Listing Data

Participants and subscribers are required to submit accurate listing data and required to correct any known errors

Section 7 Compliance with Rules—Authority to Impose Discipline

Note 2: MLS Participants and subscribers can receive no more than three (3) administrative sanctions in a calendar year before they are required to attend a hearing for their actions and potential violations of MLS rules, except that the MLS may allow more administrative sanctions for violations of listing information provided by participants and subscribers before requiring a hearing. The MLS must send a copy of all administrative sanctions against a subscriber to the subscriber’s participant and the participant is required to attend the hearing of the subscriber who has received more than three (3) administrative sanctions within a calendar year (Adopted 11/20)

Section 9 Consideration of Alleged Violations

When requested by a complainant, the MLS will process a complaint without revealing the complainant’s identity. If a complaint is subsequently forwarded to a hearing, and the original complainant does not consent to participate in the process, the MLS will appoint a representative to serve as the complainant. (Amended 11/20)

Coming Soon Changes:

Showings can be preset while in the Coming Soon status for on or after the Active date.

Open houses can be scheduled and marketed while in the Comings Soon status for on or after the Active date.

While the listing is in the Coming Soon status, it is now viewable by the general public via IDX, RETS and API’s (Application Programming Interface).

Updates also include the changes to the MLS Billing Schedule and due dates and wording for Agent Transfers.

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