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OAR Dues Increase

Good afternoon fellow Association Executives,

I realize most of you attended the recent OAR Directors meeting at the end of our Annual Convention last week, but I know there were a few not in attendance.  I want to inform those who were not in attendance that the Directors voted to create a Political Advocacy Fund (PAF).  The funding mechanism for the PAF is a $25 member dues assessment for a five-year period beginning in 2017.  The dues assessment is not pro-ratable.

The Political Advocacy Fund will be utilized by OAR and Local Boards/Associations to support political and issue advocacy campaigns.  It will provide the necessary funding to expand our involvement at the State House and City Halls across Ohio.  This fund will complement and enhance our existing RPAC program, creating a solid foundation for long-term relevance in ensuring that private property rights are protected.

I and the OAR leadership team appreciate the support of the OAR Local Boards/Associations to make this truly significant initiative a reality.

Robert E. Fletcher, CEO

Ohio Association of REALTORS

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(614) 225-6220

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