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Dotloop 101

Create a loop

Login to

  1. Click the '+' to create a new loop
  2. Name the loop and click 'Create Loop'
    Most people use the property address.  If you're starting a loop with a buyer and do not have property picked ou yet, use the buyer name.

Template Auto-Population

  1. In your loop's document section, click 'Templates' and choose your documents
  2. Open the templates and add people/assign their role in the autofill window
  3. Fill-in the other sections of the autofill window and click 'Autofill'
  4. Review/complete your documents and assign or unassign esignatures as needed
  5. Click 'save' or 'save and share' in the upper right hand corner

Editing PDF's

  1. In your loop's document section, click 'Browse'
  2. Open your PDF/s in Dotloop and click 'Add' at the top of the page
  3. Choose either signature, initial, text, etc. and click to place it onto the PDF
  4. Click in a signature or initial field and go up to the top left of your screen to assign it to the correct client/person

Sharing Documents

  1. View Only > can view document
  2. Can Sign > can view document and sign/complete assigned fields only (clients)
  3. Can Fill & Sign > can view, sign, and fill out a document (clients)
  4. Can Edit in Private > can view, sign, fill out, and assign remaining signature fields

Adding and Renaming Folders

  1. In the top right of your documents section you will have the ability to 'Add Folder'
  2. Once a folder is in the loop, click on the 3 vertical dots to the right of the folder and choose 'Rename'
  3. Folder name will become editable.  Rename and hit 'Enter' on your keyboard/tablet

Submit to Review

Your office staff can see a loop and all of its contents as soon as you create it.  This means that you do not need to 'share' documents to your office like you would with a client.  Instead, you will 'submit to review' which sends an email notification to your office letting them know that they need to review your folder/s.

  1. Click 'SUBMIT TO REVIEW' in the upper right hand corner of your loop
  2. Select the folder/s that you would like to have reviewed by your office
  3. Select the type of folder you are submitting,.  *Folder types can be customized by your office, so your choices may not be the same as below
  4. Click 'SUBMIT'

Editing a Person

  1. Towards the bottom of your loop you will find your 'People' section.  You can add, remove, and edit your contacts here
  2. To edit, you can click on the name of the person and that will open a edit window or you can click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the contact and choose 'Edit'
  3. Update the information and save

*Only add someone to your team if they are working with you on the same side of the transaction.

You are here: Home | All News | Dotloop 101