Question: How do I disable the Firefox encryption warning that occurs when I log into this website?

Answer: Firefox security is set to warn users when a site they are browsing is collecting data on an encrypted page, but sending it over an unencrypted connection. This issue can be resolved by adding the site in quesiton to the trusted sites in your computer's internet options. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Control Panel
  2. In the list, find Internet Options (if View by: is set to Category, select Network and Internet then Internet Options)
  3. Select the Security tab
  4. Click on the Trusted Sites icon (green check mark)
  5. Click on the sites button (just below the icons)
  6. Uncheck the box at the bottom of this page that says, "Require server verification (https:) for all sizes in this zone
  7. Type * in the Add this website to the zone box.
  8. Click Add
  9. Click Close to close this page
  10. Click Ok to close this page
  11. Close ALL your browsers (Important!)
  12. To test:
    1. Launch Internet Explorer (or Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
    2. Log in again
    3. Click on the Rapattoni MLS button